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Full- Length

Release Date

July 27, 1984


Megaforce Records

Band Members

lead vocals, rhythm guitar



lead guitar


side 1

1. Fight Fire With Fire   (Burton, Ulrich, Hetfield)   4:45

2. Ride the Lightning   (Hetfield, Burton, Ulrich, Mustaine)   6:38

3. For Whom the Bell Tolls   (Burton, Ulrich, Hetfield)   5:11

4. Fade to Black   (Burton, Hammett, Ulrich, Hetfield)   6:55

side 2

1. Trapped Under Ice   (Hetfield, Hammett, Ulrich)   4:04

2. Escape   (Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett)   4:24

3. Creeping Death   (Burton, Hammett, Ulrich, Hetfield)   6:36

4. The Call of Ktulu   (Ulrich, Mustaine, Burton, Hetfield)   8:55

Total Length   47:28


Flemming Rasmussen - production, engineering

Mark Whitaker - production assistant, concert sound engineer, live production manager

Tom Coyne, Frankford Wayne - mastering on Megaforce release

Tim Young - mastering on Music for Nations release

Bob Ludwig - mastering on Elektra release

George Marino - remastering om 1995 reissue 

Mike Gillies - mixing of digital reissue bonus tracks


AD Artists - cover design

Fin Costello, Robert Hoetink, Pete Cronin, Rick Brackett, Harold Oimoen - photography

Anthony D. Sommella - tour/live photography

Crazed Management - Management

Marsha Vlasic, Neil Warnock - booking agents for The Agency Group

Q- Prime Inc - management (on Elektra reissue)

Michael Alago - A&R coordinator (Elektra Records)

Pete Paterno - legal representation (Elektra Records)

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