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Watch SHADOWS FALL Perform For 1st Concert In 6 Years

The Massachusetts-based metal band SHADOWS FALL have reunited for their 1st concert in 6 years this past Saturday (Dec.18) at The Palldium in Worcester, MA. Opening Bands included UNEARTH, DARKEST HOUR, WITHIN THE RUINS, SWORN ENEMY, and CARNIVORA. Fan-filmed footage can be seen below.

Frontman Brian Fair commented a few days before the event: "Jon [Donais, guitar] and Jason [Bittner, drums] have been full-on touring full time with two legendary and super-professional bands in ANTHRAX and OVERKILL, so those dudes are at the top of their game in every way. I've been playing a bunch of shows, but I haven't done real touring type of stuff, so I had to make sure physically I was gonna be ready. So when I was practicing the set, I literally had headphones on and I would do cardio in between any of the vocals to just try to simulate the adrenaline and the chaos and that type of thing, and also to see if I could make it through an hour-and-a-half headlining set. And Paul [Romanko, bass] hadn't played, really, with anyone since we stopped, so he really went into the workshed and was playing a ton again. We got to practice and we were, like, 'Man, we sound better than we used to.' But also we were notoriously bad about rehearsing. We would do one rehearsal before an eight-week tour, and halfway through it we were, like, 'Ah, we know these songs. Do we really have to play 'Destroyer Of Senses' again? We know fucking 'Destroyer Of Senses'.' And looking back, we're, like, 'Man, we should have rehearsed. We're really good when we rehearse.' [Laughs] All the harmonies are in lock. And this whole week [of rehearsing] has just been, like, 'All right. We sound good. We're ready.' Hopefully, barring technical difficulties or any of the things that normally follow SHADOWS FALL around, we're definitely ready to come out and crush it. So now, if the gear can keep up with us, we're ready."

SHADOWS FALL's latest album, "Fire From The Sky", released in May 2012 via Razor & Tie. The CD sold around 10,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart.

SHADOWS FALL members Jon Donais and Matt Bachand recently launched a new band called LIVING WRECKAGE, in which they are joined by guitarist Matt LeBreton (DOWNPOUR), drummer Jon Morency (LET US PREY) and vocalist Jeff Gard DEATH RAY VISION.

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