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Watch Rick Rozz Join INCANTATION Onstage

Former DEATH & MASSACRE guitar legend Rick Rozz joined John McEntee & INCANTATION onstage last night (Feb. 5) at a sold-out show at The Haven in Orlando, FL. Video can be streamed below. Rozz toured & was a part of the writing process for the 'Leprosy'record alongside DEATH founder and legend Chuck Schuldiner.

McEntee posted: "Wow, what a night Orlando. The crowd was amazing the vibe in The room was on fire.

"I can't believe I got to play with one of the founding fathers of Death metal Rick Rozz. I remember going to REVENANT practice or causing general local havoc with Henry Veggian and listening to the Mantas, Death and Massacre demos in my old red Oldsmobile Cutlass. Rick's contribution to death metal and the inspiration he gave me should not be under estimated. I just want to say thanks to Rick you gave a old Jersey boy a moment I will remember til the end of my days. And of course thanks to Scott Pivarnick for making it happen. Also thanks to Luke Shively and for totally kicks ass as well.

McEntee added: "Funny story, I briefly met Rick Rozz in front of CBGB's back when they were on tour for Lepersy, I think. I was so excited to see him and say hi. but I was too shy to ask for a photo. I was so over come with excitement that the words did not come out. To see the guys from death and Massacre was like a dream come true for a 17 year old kid trying to find his place in the metal world. Haha. So 30 years later I finally had the ball to ask for a photo."


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