Watch 3/4 SEPULTURA Virtual Reunion 'Morbid Visions' Era

Former SEPULTURA members Igor Cavalera (drums), Max Cavalera (guitar, vocals) and Jairo Guedz (guitar) reunited virtually to record a new version of the band's classic song "Antichrist", which originally appeared on the 1985 EP "Bestial Devastation". The resulting clip was uploaded to YouTube as part of Igor's recently launched a new video series, "Beneath The Drums", where he dissects some of the best-known songs from his recording history.

Speaking about "Antichrist", Igor said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "'Antichrist' is probably one of the first tracks that I ever wrote something on the drums. And as far as I remember, we wrote [it], me and Max, in our bedroom. And we were very influenced by a lot of really cool bands back in '84, '85, and those bands were VENOM [and] HELLHAMMER, and then some German bands later, like KREATOR and DESTRUCTION. So, 'Antichrist', it was one of those tunes where we had an idea of what we wanted to do — very influenced by black and death metal.

"Back in 1984, my drum set was not really a drum set; it was just some pieces of percussion that I collected at the time that my parents gave me," he explained. "So I had a snare and a floor tom. So, our rehearsals back then, I didn't have kick drums at the time, so I was only playing with my hands, doing all the beats between the two instruments, and then a crash, which was attached to a broom stick with a nail on it. So it was very primitive. And I remember by the time we went into the studio to record 'Bestial Devastation', I had to adapt some of those beats to a proper drum set, with kick drums, with toms and things like that, even a hi-hat. But then 'Antichrist' is one of those tracks where I still remained some of the very primal way of playing it, with just a floor tom and a snare, so it's almost like a pre-blast-beat version that I was doing."

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