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Trey Azagthoth Collapses On Stage

MORBID ANGEL guitarist and founder Trey Azagthoth collapsed on stage last night (April 21) at a Tampa Bay, Florida concert. A fan-shot video shows the 58-year-old struggling to stay on his feet. Video can be streamed below.

MORBID ANGEL frontman Steve Tucker told the crowd that Trey "injured himself" then the band carried on without Azagthoth before taking a break to see if Trey would recover and return to the stage. Tucker then said, "I think we're gonna call it a night, man...without the leader...I apologize. I love you all mothrfuckers. Thank you for coming. Hopefully Trey is alright. Well see you all again real soon, man. You have a good fucking night".

MORBID ANGEL's "United States Tour of Terror" was supposed to conclude tonight (April 22) in Ft. Laudrdale, Florida. It is not clear if the concert will happen after the on stage incident.

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