Tommy Lee says 'Summer stadium tour still a go'

In a new interview with Billboard, Motley Crue's Tommy Lee says that the summer "Stadium Tour" is "still a go."

Lee commented: “Everything’s still a go,” “We’re all in constant communication.Nikki [Sixx]and I have been in several production meetings. You’re talking multiple stadiums, so it’s like two kids in a candy store putting together something people are going to walk [away from] saying, ‘Are you f--king kidding me?!’ That’s our mission right now, and it’s definitely headed in that direction.”

Speaking of production meetings, Lee says one of his biggest concerns is his "drum stunt" that has become a staple of Motley Crue shows. “What am I supposed to do at this point? I literally have done the impossible — and all of it. Do I shoot myself out of a fuckin’ cannon? At a stadium, there’s no ceiling. There’s nothing to hang from, so there’s a bunch of issues we’ve been talking about, trying to get around a lot of that. It’s fucking crazy town, dude,” says Lee.

Coronavirus is definitely on the minds of most music fans these days, and Lee says he's hoping his band can provide some fun once the health crisis lifts. “By the time all this fucking apocalyptic bullshit is over, I think everyone’s going to be in a really good mood to go out and have the fucking best time ever," says the drummer. "I really do. I hope everyone stays inside, and we can get a fucking grip on this and get back to people having their normal lives.”

Lee has also been working on solo music, with his latest effortAndroexpected to arrive this summer.

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