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Tom Keifer Releases New Music Video, 'A Different Light'

CINDERELLA's Tom Keifer has released a new music video for, "A Different Light" (video can be streamed below). The song is taken from Keifer's 2013 debut solo album, 'The Way life Goes'.

Keifer comments on the single/music video: "2023 marks 10yrs of #keiferband & the release of

'The Way Life Goes' To commemorate, we have a brand new video for “A Different Light”, featuring live clips shot by all of you over the past 10yrs. Thanks so much for an amazing decade and for being part of our journey Many of you have been requesting a video for this song since its release. Here it is… Produced & edited by Joshua Smith

Tom Keifer's last album is 'Rise' (2019) featured 2 singles, (The Death of Me, Hype) which charted on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40.

Keifer stated: "When this band came together, we all felt a bit like broken souls, each with our own unique story," Tom explained. "If you ask anyone in the band, they would all say this band came along at just the right time. Every human who walks this planet faces challenges and extreme adversity they have to overcome. As a band, we feel fortunate to be able to face those things together. There is a piece of every band member in the 'The Death Of Me' as well as throughout the entire 'Rise' album."

"We were trying to capture the feeling of what people have witnessed live with this band," Keifer explained. "There's an off-the-rails, real live feel to 'Rise' — and that's what we were going for. It shows a real kind of angst and reckless abandon that we tried not to polish too much. And when we pull it back on the ballads, it's more about the emotion, the soul, and making people feel something in a different way."

"To me, the perfect rock and roll record is perfectly fucked up," Keifer said with a hearty laugh. "You try to make each record interesting and different. I don't ever want to make the same record twice, even though there's a common thread between them. Everything doesn't have to be perfectly in place, but there is a balance you try to strike. Sometimes there may be something about it that's technically not 'right,' but there's a vibe, an energy and an attitude to it that I always try to preserve."

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