Tarja has released a new lyric video for 'You and I'

Today, almost four months after the release of her highly acclaimed studio album “In The Raw”, Tarja is releasing a single version of her song “You And I” accompanied by an emotional lyric video. With this song the queen of metal shows her vulnerable, thoughtful but yet so strong and powerful side. “You And I” is a song full of soft and warm tones combined with Tarja’s ever so powerful voice, creating a metal ballad of its own kind. The album finds Tarja going to raw, personal places in her lyrics. Opening herself up more than ever before, she says she was left feeling naked by her honesty, but also pleased at where she had gone with her words. “Gold, we think, is something polished and perfect, sophisticated, a luxury – but in its natural state it’s a raw element”, explains Tarja. Just like the music on her latest album: a combination of sophisticated and refined orchestration, choir and her classically trained voice with a raw, dark heavy musical core. Simply put, “In The Raw” is a gold-plated work of wonder.

ORDER THE ALBUM HERE: https://tarja.lnk.to/InTheRaw/ http://tarja.tmstor.es/

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