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Steve Vai Releases Visualizer For New Song 'Zeus In Chains'

Maestro & guitar virtuoso Steve Vai along with Favored Nations / Mascot Label Group have unleashed a visualizer for "Zeus in Chains". The new composition is included on Vai's upcoming record 'Inviolate' which is set to drop on January 28th on CD & digital formats. The vinyl version will be available on March 18th.

Steve comments: "The title for this track 'Zeus In Chains' was told to me by the track when I was listening back and asked it… 'What's your name?' This happened during the heavy guitar breakdown with the dissonant high note that happens right before the solo. It sounded like Zeus in chains. Hey, it's art. You can make up anything you want and it's legitimate."

Vai on his approach to the guitar: "I don't sit around and say, 'Okay, what can I do now that pushes the boundaries? What I do say to myself is, 'Okay, Vai — what are you going to do now that's going to interest you, that's going to fascinate you, and that's different than anything you've done before?"

"It's very 'Vai,' whatever that means," Vai says, and then laughs. "Someone else might be better than me at explaining what that is. But it's just very honest music. Because a lot of my records, they're long and there's a lot of concepts and playing around with stories. This one has none of that. This is nine pretty dense all-instrumental compositions that I wanted to capture and record so I could get out there and play them live for people."

"An inviolate inspiration is one that comes to you completely pure," Vai explains. "It appears almost in its completeness, and there's a recognition of it as being right for you — perfectly right for you. There's no excuses in it. There's no fantasy in it. There's just a recognition of 'yes.' And then you capture that in a way that's authentic to your unique creativity. Hopefully, that's what I've done with this record."

'Inviolate' track listing:

01. Teeth Of The Hydra

02. Zeus In Chains

03. Little Pretty

04. Candle Power

05. Apollo In Color

06. Avalancha

07. Greenish Blues

08. Knappsack

09. Sandman Cloud Mist

Steve Vai is set to launch a U.S. tour at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV on January 27th 2022 and is set to finish in Los Angeles, CA on April 2nd 2022. Vai will be joined by hi long-time band members Dave Weiner (guitars, keyboards), Phillip Bynoe (bass) and Jeremy Colson (drums). Vai adds: "A performer thrives on performing. It's been my life for the past 49 years, with the exception of the last two years, so we are chomping at the bit to get out there and play for people. A music concert has the ability to dissolve the many challenges we face, and celebrate one of the good things in life, live music."


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