Steve Tucker New Band, Malefic Throne

Morbid Angel frontman/bassist Steve Tucker has launched a new band, Malefic Throne and have also released their 1st single, 'Deciding the Hierarchy'. The band will consist of Gene Palubicki (Angelcorpse, Perdition Temple, Blasphemic Cruelty) on guitars, drummer John Longstreth (Hate Eternal, Origin) & of course the legend himself Steve Tucker doing Bass and vocal duties.

Palubicki comments: “Malefic Throne was conceived over conversations and shared ideas among the three of us since around summer of 2020, deep in the early pandemic upheaval, while everyone was — and has been — in limbo for live shows/tours/etc. We hit on the idea of just going for it, writing some furious death metal material with the three of us, and seeing what would happen. Given who the bandmembers are, it is surely clear the nature of what this is all about. We originally considered just doing an independently released demo, but we approached Hells Headbangers to see if they were interested in handling the debut EP release. They agreed, and onward it goes.”

Album cover and track listing is to be revealed soon.

Morbid Angel’s latest album, Kingdoms Disdained, was unleashed in 2017. Tucker said in a 2019 interview that the band planned to begin working on a new album that year.

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