Stephen Pearcy releases new solo song 'All That I Want'

RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy has released the demo version of a new solo song "All That I Want". The track is expected to appear on his sixth solo album, due in 2021 via his own label Top Fuel Records.

Pearcy commented: "I was going over vocals the other day I had recorded not long ago on this song. [I] got a version the other night and had the file sent to me with a different vocal style. I sent it to Erik the other day and we liked it, so I thought, what the fuck? It's so different and kinda the sign of the times right now. It was inspired by my relationship and how being together is what we are living for, that it's more then enough to have that love from a partner, a family member or friends.

"It shouldn't take a bad thing to have a good thing every day. You get it.

"The song has relevance to what's going on for me, so I thought I'd share. It brings us together where we should always be anyway."

Speaking about the songwriting process for his solo material, Pearcy told Music Existence: "RATT's music is its own entity and animal, and it has its own schematics. With my solo stuff, I tend to do whatever I like — an acoustic song, a really heavy song — and go places and talk about things that I want to. It's my freedom of speech. That's one thing I like about it, and I'm always writing, so what else can I do, you know? Just try to get it out and get it heard! I don't care if it sells ten million or nil million; it's just what I do. You do the best that you can."

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