STEPHEN PEARCY AND RATT BASTARDS Unearth New Music Video 'Don't Wanna Talk About It'

RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy has unearthed a new music video ('Don't Wanna Talk About It') for his solo project RATT BASTARDS.

One thing you can always count on with Stephen Pearcy is a consistent flow of writing new music. Year after year he writes and records songs....true gems that would Rock the Socks off of any Ratt n' Roll fan. Stephen writes with RATT in mind but when years go by and RATT hasn't released a record, Stephen continues down his creative path regardless.

Here is an unearthed Rockin' gem written entirely by Stephen Pearcy, music & lyrics.

"Don't Wanna Talk About It" BMI/ SEP Musik, circa 2000's


Vocals & all guitars: Stephen Pearcy

Lead Guitar: Erik Ferentinos

Bass: Mike Duda

Drums: Greg D'Angelo

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