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Richie Sambora Doesn't Rule Out A BON JOVI Return

In a new interview with U.K.'s Daily Mail, former BON JOVI guitarist Richie Sambora was asked if he would ever consider rejoining the group. He responded: "It would have to be a special situation for me to go back, but I'm certainly not counting it out. I have no malice toward that band."

Richie's comments come just a couple of weeks after Jon Bon Jovi told Germany's Rock Antenne that "there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish that Richie had his life together and was still in the band. And yet, in a weird way, it's because of his inability to get it together anymore that we went on and wrote 'This House Is Not For Sale'."

Addressing Jon's remarks directly, Richie told Daily Mail: "When people say I don't have my life together — are you kidding me? I'm the happiest dude on the block."

"Obviously it hurts and you know, breaking up is hard to do," Sambora said. "I was in a situation and it was not easy to make that decision to leave the band and the fans. I was in a dire situation with my family and I had to make a tough decision and I did and I'm sure people weren't happy about it."

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