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Possible RATT Reunion?

On January 21st Stephen Pearcy dropped a bombshell on Sirius XM "TrunkNation with Eddie Trunk". Asked when the last time was that he talked to guitarist Warren DeMartini, who hasn't played with RATT since early 2018, Stephen said: "Probably a couple of weeks back. We had some business to talk about, him and I, about some of the stuff we wrote. Which is great, 'cause Warren and I actually had a song in the can, written, that we can actually play and release. And there was another one we were starting to work on that was amazing. So you get me and Warren in a room, and we'll start writing immediately."

Pearcy also revealed that he and Bobby Blotzer are on speaking terms. "Bobby and I are — it's love-hate, brother kind of a gig. We keep in touch and talk about positive things".

Pearcy then circled back to the prospect of making a new RATT album, saying: "As far as doing a record right now, I really wouldn't wanna have guys that weren't really in the band on the record. And I think that was Warren's sentiment a long time ago — without having me on a record — so I'm just giving back the courtesy consideration.

"I would really like to actually finish the song that Warren and I had started, and the one that we have in the can, I would love to release it. I'm gonna talk to him about it, if we can just put it out there and just turn people on. He's not some aggro dude right now. I'm not aggro at any of these people. Look, we created this great thing, and if there's gonna be a RATT record, I, just off the top of my head said I wanna do it with the original guys, if we're gonna do one — or don't even bother. The catalog is what you get. Or you get my solo stuff, which is as close as you're gonna get to RATT music. And that's it… If we ever do a [RATT] record, let it be the real guys, and call it a day. If that's the last thing we do, well, let's do it. If not, hey, we've got the records. That's all I can say."

Stephen also stressed the importance of not letting personal differences get in the way of making music and touring while he and his bandmates are still physically able to perform the classic RATT songs live.

Listen to the entire interview here:

In other Pearcy news:

Get ready for a very cool new show by Pearcy called "BACKSTAGE PAST", streaming on ASY/TV (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple Prime). With virtual gigs becoming a new norm & the new "House Party", Pearcy will introduce his "House Party" style sessions on his soon to be released docu-series, "Backstage Past". Expect the Unexpected....from touring around locations from Mickey RATT and early RATT days to behind-the scenes of Stephens Live streams, to jamming with friends. Stay tuned for programming dates. Filming begins Feb 23rd.

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