Possible Ozzy Osbourne retirement?

In a new interview, Jack is revealing what his parents think of Portals To Hell, what fans can expect to see onThe Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne and when his father Ozzy Osbourne will most likely retire.

For now, while filming of Portals To Hell has come to a halt, Jack is focusing on a different project. Debuting this summer is a documentary about his father calledThe Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne. Jack is one of the producers of the documentary that follows the life of the Black Sabbath frontman. It also features interviews with Rob ZombieMarilyn MansonPost Malone and many more.

Directed by Greg Johnston, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne is the first documentary to be released about Ozzy in over ten years. As Jack reveals in his recent interview, this documentary could be one of the last looks into Ozzy’s life before he retires.

“And as far as timing, it’s been 10 years since the last doc came out and a lot has changed,” Jack says. “Within the next five to ten years, my dad’s probably gonna retire, so I just felt like it was a good time.”

Ozzy revealed this past January that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after years of ongoing health problems. Most recently, Ozzy canceled his 2020 North American tour to focus on medical treatments for his Parkinson’s. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he was forced to cancel his medical trip to Switzerland.

Although Ozzy has been private, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne will show his struggles with Parkinson’s. The highs and lows his father has experienced are aspects of the documentary Jack finds the most difficult to watch. Despite this, however, Jack said his father is currently doing better than ever.

“He got this really god awful diagnosis and he had a bad injury,” Jack says. “As a result of it, and there was a genuine fear that he might not be able to perform his craft anymore. That was what I found very upsetting. He’s in a different place now, from when we shot that. He’s doing much better. He’s come to terms with where he’s at, a little bit more, and he’s slowly recovering. I do think he’ll make it back out on the road, eventually. It was just a really tough thing to face. He had this whole tour planned, and it was difficult for him. It was difficult for all of us because we just saw how hard he was taking it.”

“I would like people to see that my dad isn’t just a one-dimensional figure, if they ever thought that he was,” Jack says. “There are many aspects to him, and this is a good look at that. Because of the persona that people have seen my father as, it’s always, ‘What’s wrong with him?’ But I think this documentary rephrases it as, ‘What happened to him?’ My dad has had a very fortunate life, but it’s been filled with a lot of turmoil. Some of it self-inflicted and some completely out of his hands. This is an interesting look at that.”

Episodes of Portals To Hell are available to watch on theTravel Channel andThe Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne will air onA&Ethis summer.

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