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Possible New MOTLEY CRUE Album?

The fast-approaching reunion is briniging with it more fan questions about the future of MOTLEY CRUE.

Sixx was asked the new music question directly this week via Twitter. Montreal radio personality and podcast host Jeremy White asked Sixx about "making one last complete album with the band" and Dr. Feelgood producer Bob Rock.

Sixx replied: "Live off the floor? Old school? Raw and dirty? Bob Rock? "Count me in." This news means a lot to all Crueheads around the world.

As we all know, CRUE's last recordings we're the 4 songs released on the soundtrack to the 2019 NETFLIX biopic The Dirt.

In recent years, the bassist has been engrossed in a variety of creative projects, including books and new music. If he has the creative juice to tell all of Twitter he's available to make a new Mötley Crüe album, that's as big a first step as any Crüe fan could ask for.

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