NERVOSA Have Started Recording Sessions

Brazilian thrashers NERVOSA have taken to their social media to announce they have started recording sessions with their brand new line-up.

NERVOSA posted via their Facebook and Instagram pages their 1st official physical reunion with the newly formed line-up featuring Diva Satanica (vocals), Prika Amaral (guitarist, founder), Mia Wallace (bass guitar) and Eleni Nota (drums).

The band wrote: We are proud to announce that the recordings of the new album officially started! We are isolated in the top of a mountain in Malaga at Artesonao Studios. Artesonao. Casa de Grabación. Stay tuned, We will post some spoilers.

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Prika Amaral Diva Satanica Mia Wallace Eleni Nota

The band's frontwoman Fernanda Lira (vocals, bassist) and Luana Dametto (drummer) left NERVOSA earlier this year 2020 to form CRYPTA leaving Prika Amaral as the sole member of the band. Prika immediately recruited the new line-up.

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