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MUDVAYNE'S 1st Performance In 12 Years

Mudvayne has officially returned to the stage as they headlined the Inkarceration Festival this past September 11th, 2021. The band delivered a face-melting set of fan-favorites from their catalogue. The band is also scheduled to perform at this year’s Louder Than Life and Welcome to Rockville festivals.

The 4-man metal machine (Chad Gray, Ryan Martinie, Greg Tribbett & Matt MacDonough) headlined over A Day to Remember, Chevelle, Asking Alexandria amongst others.

The Inkarceration Festival is held annually at the former Ohio State Reformatory where The Shawshank Redemption movie was filmed.

Mudvayne Sept 11 setlist:

1. Not Falling

2. -1

3. Death Blooms

4. Internal Primates Forever

5. Silenced

6. A New Game

7. Prod

8. A Cinderella Story

9. Dull Boy

10. World So Cold

11. Determined

12. Nothing to Gein

13. Happy?

14. Dig

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