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MORBID ANGEL Pulls Out Of Maryland Deathfest

Death Metal legends MORBID ANGEL have officially cancelled their performance at this year's Maryland Deathfest. The reknown metal fest is set to take place on May 26-29 in Baltimore, MD.

The festival organizers posted the news today (2.10) via social media saying: "MORBID ANGEL will no longer be performing at MDF 2022. Despite trying to convince them to not cancel, the only thing we've been told is that the band 'will not be playing MDF or any other shows in the current climate', so we'll let you interpret that however you see fit."

Replacing MORBID ANGEL on the bill will be Florida death-metallers DEICIDE who will be playing their 2nd album 'Legion' in it's entirety.

Other bands who have pulled out of this year's Maryland Deathfest are VALKYRJA, ARCHGOAT, BLAZE OF PERDITION and ANTICHRIST. They are being replaced by IMMOLATION, PROFANATICA, AKHLYS and SULFURIC CAUTERY.

'Kingdoms Disdained' is MORBID ANGEL's last release via Silver Lining Music in the U.S. and JVC in Japan. The album marks the return of frontman Steve Tucker who had previously recorded the albums 'Formulas Fatal to the Flesh' (1998), 'Gateways to Annihilation' (2000) and 'Heretic' (2003).

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