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Max Cavalera Cuts Off His Dreadlocks

The Brazilian thrasher, Max Cavalera has cut off his trademark dreadlocks and is now sporting a different look.

On Monday (October 19), Gloria Cavalera, who also manages Max, took to her social media to share a photo of her holding Max's hair. She wrote in an accompanying caption: "It must be snowing in hell today!"

Max discussed his hair in a 2011 interview with MyTicket. Asked what the secret was to having "the most famous dreadlocks in the history of metal," Cavalera said: "Just leave it there, and it grows, and leave it alone. I wash it. It's clean. I did find food one time. I opened one of them up and found some macaroni or cheese or rice. I think my wife was going through the dreads and [she said], 'There's some food in here, right?' A stash from tour.

"But, yeah, I just let it grow," he explained. "I've been growing it since 1997. That's when I started. I never stopped. There's been rumors that I cut it off. Sometimes fans come to me and say, 'Hey, man, let me see your dreads. Oh, they're still there. I heard that you cut it off.'"

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