MAMMOTH WVH Unveils New Album Cover

Wolfgang Van Halen has announced he will be releasing his solo debut, Mammoth WVH, on June 11. You can see the track listing and full Mammoth WVH cover art below.

The album will be available in a variety of formats from Mammoth WVH's website. Fans who pre-order it will get instant downloads of the debut single "Distance," which came out last year, and the newly released "You're to Blame."

Even though all the instruments we're recorded on the album,Wolfgang assembled a band for Mammoth WVH. They will make their debut tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and tomorrow morning they'll perform an acoustic version of "Distance" on Today.

In November, five weeks after his father Eddie Van Halen's death, Wolfgang released "Distance." The track was written during his father's long cancer battle. "While this song is incredibly personal," Wolfgang said. "I think anyone can relate to the idea of having a profound loss in their own life."

He added that he "never anticipated 'Distance' would be the first song of mine that people would hear, but I also thought my father would be here to celebrate its release along with me." Originally not intended for the album, "Distance" will now be included as a bonus track on Mammoth WVH.

"Growing up, my dad would tell me the story that [Van Halen was once] called Mammoth," he said. "And I just thought that it was so cool that, one, Dad was singing. And two, it was an awesome band name. So, growing up I was like, 'Whenever I have my own band, I want to call it Mammoth.'"

'Mammoth WVH' Track Listing:

1. "Mr. Ed"

2. "Horribly Right"

3. "Epiphany"

4. "Don't Back Down"

5. "Resolve"

6. "You'll Be the One"

7. "Mammoth"

8. "Circles"

9. "The Big Picture"

10. "Think It Over"

11. "You're to Blame"

12. "Feel"

13. "Stone"

14. "Distance" (Bonus Track)

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