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METALLICA shredder Kirk Hammett is set to appear on SANTANA's newest album. The two Bay Area musicians have crossed paths before, with Hammett previously appearing on the 2005 Santana album All That I Am on the song "Trinity."

Santana has revealed to ABC News Radio Online that he has three separate albums in the works. One of those records, titled Blessings and Miracles, is reportedly "90 percent completed," with the guitar legend stating, "[M]y brother Kirk Hammett from Metallica is playing [on it]. He's tearing it up."

Santana also revealed that Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover and another Rock Hall legend - singer/keyboardist Steve Winwood - may appear on the album as well, while popular songwriter Diane Warren has added two songs for the set.

"I just feel really, really grateful. I'm 73 and…because of this time that I'm allowed to just replenish and nourish…[a]ll the notes are like really, really juicy and powerful," stated Santana.

An official release for the Blessings and Miracles album has not been announced as of yet but with the record at "90 percent completed," it shouldn't be much longer before details are revealed.

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