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KID ROCK's Band Has Covid; Cancels Shows

Kid Rock’s weekend shows at Billy Bob’s Texas have been canceled, with the singer saying several of his band members have COVID.

“I am pissed. Over half the band has [expletive] covid,” he wrote in an largely unprintable series of tweets Thursday, hours after the venue had announced his Friday and Saturday shows would not take place.

The rapper, outspoken Republican, country singer and grandfather, 50, was not among those with the virus, he said, adding that he’d been vaccinated.

The shows would have been the second act in a two-weekend engagement Kid Rock had planned at the Fort Worth honky-tonk. He played two sold-out shows at the club last weekend, on Friday and Saturday, for about 4,500 people each. The venue is operating at 75% capacity.

Asked about Billy Bob’s current health protocols, a spokesperson said the venue checks the temperatures of “all entertainers and their crews” and requires them to use hand sanitizer “when entering the backstage area of the club.”

Guests have their temperatures checked by a thermal camera on their way into the building. Anyone over 99.5 gets a refund and a goodbye.

Marty Travis, general manager of Billy Bob’s, said Kid Rock’s management warned him Wednesday night that members of the band weren’t feeling well. Since then, things had not improved.

“This morning they called me and said, ‘Man, half the band is not feeling well right now. We don’t know if it’s COVID or not but, you know, we don’t feel comfortable traveling. And if we can’t give you a hundred percent then we’d rather just cancel the show and let’s redo something next year.’”

Fans can get refunds at the point of sale they used to snag tickets.

“We’re trying to find a day that works for both of us next year,” Travis said.

A representative for Kid Rock didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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