JINJER Unveils New Music Video For 'Home Back'

Ukrainian metal band JINJER have released a new music video for the track "Home Back" (video can be streamed below), the 7th single extracted from their studio album "Macro". Produced & Directed by Ingwar Dovgoteles and Lina Volokhova aka The Black Soil.

JINJER bassist Eugene Abdukhanov says: "War... War never changes, and it never stops. No matter how much grief, misery, suffering and pain it brings, there will always be individuals who either reap the benefits or just relish in it's power. They will drive others to march and kill in the name of... for the sake of... if we look really closer... nothing.

Band comments: "We wanted to end this year in a big way and this track means so much to each of us personally- we are especially happy with the way it turned out. It's dedicated to the families and children who just want their home back...

"It is really hard for me to embrace how people in the 21st century still believe that there is something to fight for on any battlefield," he continues. "We all depend on a few major economies in the world and their national currencies. We all are at keystrokes length through the Internet. And yet... every day people are driven to kill their true brothers and sisters on our one and common land we call Earth. Then 2020 comes around and there is a glimmer of hope that this might be a turning point. That a common threat will unite all of us and this might be the beginning of a new era... but no. They still march and kill.

"Every war is a tragedy and a crime against humanity in my opinion," Eugene adds. "No matter what your beliefs or ideologies are, nothing justifies taking homes, health and lives of innocent children who inevitably suffer in every military conflict. Imagine hundreds of thousands of refugee children around the globe screaming at once: 'I want my home back!'"

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