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Jason Hook's medical emergency postpones FFDP Duluth concert

Five Finger Death Punch has postponed its December 12 concert in Duluth, Minnesota "due to a medical emergency" involving the band's guitarist Jason Hook. A new date for the postponed show has not yet been announced.

Five Finger Death Punch was scheduled to perform at the Amsoil Arena in Duluth Thursday night.

One fan claimed Hook didn't look well at FFDP's concert the day before, writing: "Saw them last night in Madison Wi and they killed it but he was really sick and played his ass off anyway so I'm not surprised ."

Just a few days ago, Hook told Virginia radio station FM99 WNOR in an interview that he enjoys touring a lot more these days, explaining: "Actually, these days, it's pretty good. I mean, we're spoiled. Each of us has an assistant and our own dressing rooms and we have a masseuse."

Hook continued: "It's hard to explain to the public, but there are many micro frustrations that come with changing cities and changing buildings every day. Just micro frustrations — these are not real problems. A brain tumor is a real problem. The air conditioning in the room every day is not a real problem. But it's frustrating... If you don't know how to process it, it can burn you out a little bit, emotionally."

Asked what his favorite thing to do on tour is, Hook replied: "Well, to be honest, I really enjoy playing the show. It's the best 90 minutes of the day. 'Cause the rest of it, really, is sitting around and waiting to play the show. I do maintain that I do like to play my guitar." Hook also revealed that he likes to read and write music on the road and lifts weights before he goes onstage.

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