Iggor Cavalera New Band 'CORRODED SPIRAL'

Legendary Brazilian musician Iggor Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, ex- Sepultura) has formed a new supergroup, 'Corroded Spiral' alongside Integrity frontman Dwid Hellion and the Venezuelan electronic producer, né Luis Garban. The band is scheduled to unleash their 4-song EP, Ancient Nocturnal Summoning digitally on December 3rd, 2021 via Phantom Limb.

Corroded Spiral's debut release crosses the boundaries of new wave, black metal, hardcore, industrial and EBM, a sum of decades of experience and powerful musicality from bona fide giants of their respective fields... listen to new track, the crushing "Forgotten Ether"

Cavalera states: "Corroded Spiral is a collaborative creation of different ideas, pushing the limits of our outputs, puzzled together during this doomed time of isolation,. An aural assault".

Listen to the 1st single, "Forgotten Ether" here.

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning track list:

1. “Ancient Nocturnal Summoning”

2. “Through the Eyes of Madness”

3. “Resulting Fragments Splinter Existence”

4. “Forgotten Ether”

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