HALESTORM Bus Burns Down

HALESTORM's tour bus was completely burnt out by a fire early Thursday morning, but thankfully the band members were sleeping in a hotel at the time. The rock group was in Worcester, Massachusetts, to play a show last night (January 20th) at the DCU Center with co-headliners Evanescence.

Guitarist Joe Hottinger posted photos of the aftermath on Instagram, showing the interior of the bus completely charred. He wrote, “HALESTORM had a night for the books. We were all in our hotel rooms last night and we woke up to our bus burning down at 3AM. Fun fun. No one was hurt. The Worcester fire department got there and put the fire out. They were amazing. Our fearless security Steve pulled guitars and luggage out of the bay. We all lost some stuff, but it was just stuff. The investigator doesn’t know what started it, but it began in the bunk hall.”

He continued, “What matters is that no one was hurt. The best part is that tonight, we will rock. Looking forward to playing some music and forgetting about things being on fire. See you tonight Worcester!”

Frontwoman Lzzy Hale added on Twitter, “Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. Like Joe said in his post, we lost some stuff, but so grateful that it was only stuff and no one was sleeping on the bus last night. I’m still shook, and emotions are a bit high today. But looks like the universe is not done with us yet!”

After playing last night’s show, Lzzy reflected, “Thank you all so much. Between laughing at this near miss, crying over the what if’s… I had a full on panic attack pre show from an intense day full of emotions. But we are just so thankful to be here, when it could’ve turned so hard in the wrong direction. Goddamn bring it on.” She later added, “After everything we’ve all been going through over the last few years, isolation, limits on Living etc. It’s so beautiful that so many of your reached out. Thank U to everyone who texted/messaged me today, and our Rock and metal community. We are so humbled to know how much u care.”

Lzzy continued, “I had such a transcendent show tonight. I wasn’t even thinking about lyrics or chords… if fact it was almost like if I didn’t just let it take me, I might forget all the things. Thank you so much for allowing me to feel so much emotion tonight.”