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GHOST Releases Lyric Video For 'Twenties'

Swedish shock rockers GHOST have unleashed a lyric video for their new single, "Twenties". The song is extracted from their upcoming album 'Impera' to be released on March 11, 2022 via Loma Vista.

According to a press release, "Impera" "finds GHOST transported literally hundreds of years forward from the 14th century Europe Black Plague era" of its previous album, 2018's "Prequelle". "The result is the most ambitious and lyrically incisive entry in the GHOST canon: Over the course of 'Impera''s 12-song cycle, empires rise and fall, would-be messiahs ply their hype (financial and spiritual alike), prophecies are foretold as the skies fill with celestial bodies divine and man-made… All in all, the most current and topical GHOST subject matter to date is set against a hypnotic and darkly colorful melodic backdrop making 'Impera' a listen like no other — yet unmistakably, quintessentially GHOST."

'Impera' tracklist:

01. Imperium

02. Kaisarion

03. Spillways

04. Call Me Little Sunshine

05. Hunter's Moon

06. Watcher In The Sky

07. Dominion

08. Twenties

09. Darkness At The Heart Of My Love

10. Griftwood

11. Bite Of Passage

12. Respite On The Spital Fields

Tobias recently said in an interview with El Paso Inc.: "The thing is you need to keep moving so that you don't get stuck in friendly comfortable mode. 'Meliora', the record I made with Klas, was really good, but the recording and the production itself left a few things to be improved. When time came to record 'Impera', the writing and demoing had been done in 2020. But in early 2021, the American producer who was supposed to make the record couldn't come because of the travel restrictions, and I couldn't go to America. And because Klas is also a very scheduled person, he had a project lined up that fell through. All of a sudden, he had a few months off, and I was, like, 'That is well-timed, because I don't have a producer. Would you like to produce the record?'"

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