EVANESCENCE announces new album title; single coming next week

EVANESCENCE has revealed "The Bitter Truth" as the title of its new album.

The new single, "Wasted On You", will be out next Friday, April 24.

The band took to their Twitter account, saying: "We promised you a new album in 2020 and we won't let anything stop us. We are proud to begin sharing our new album 'The Bitter Truth' with you, one piece at a time, starting with our first song 'Wasted On You' next Friday!"

Singer Amy Lee told Loudwire about the musical direction of the new EVANESCENCE material: "It's a combination of a lot of things. It's definitely one hundred percent us, but it's also taking risks. And I think it's meaningful — it's deeply meaningful. But at the same time, a lot of it has attitude. I don't know if I can explain that super well, but some of our music is like that. If you can listen back and think about, especially some of the later music, like 'What You Want' or 'Call Me When You're Sober', there's a track or two in there that is the next step from that in its feeling, I would say."

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