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DONNIE VIE Aquires His Catalog And Re-Releases 'Beautiful Things'

80's rock sensation Donnie Vie has announced he has aquired his catalog. The former ENUFF Z' NUFF frontman has also re-released his latest album 'Beautiful Things'.

Donnie comments: "After seeing that the only way to obtain my out of print releases was buying them on eBay for outrageous money, or the mercy of the bootleggers, I decided it was time to buy all my releases back to not only own and have the rights to do what I like with them, plus to know who to yell at when I dont get paid (me), but now I can rerelease them so my fans can hear and have this stuff that I put a lot of blood, sweat and mostly tears into creating. The first title I am rereleasing is Beautiful Things, which is now available once again worldwide."

Donnie speaks if his new box set, 'The Donnie Vie Collection': "This is a collection of the 5 studio records I've released as a solo artist. And a 6th record worth of new, unreleased songs that are snatched right out of my home studio demo collection. You'll also really love these new songs that you've never heard." The box set can be ordered directly from Donnie on his website

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