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Diva Satanica Leaves NERVOSA

Earlier today NERVOSA posted the news of Diva Satanica's departure from the band. The bombastic and talented frontwoman had given the bad news to the band since September 2022 and also agreed to carry on with the 2022 Latin American tour dates. NERVOSA is in the recording stages for their new album and is said to already be working with a new vocalist and a new drummer for the past 2 months.

NERVOSA posted: Since September 2022 NERVOSA was informed that Diva would leave the band, and since then she has carried out all activities with great professionalism and respect. The reason for her departure is because she chooses to invest more time in other projects and in her band. Since her decision, we entered into an agreement to comply with the Latin America tour and announce her departure later so that we could plan everything calmly and in time. We understand and support her decision.

It's not easy for either party, but life is made of choices and decisions. So don't judge too harshly, because it's a very painful moment for both parties. All our respect to Diva, thank you for all her dedication and contribution. We wish you good luck on your new journey.

NERVOSA has been working with a vocalist for the last 2 months, and is also working with a new drummer. The recordings for the new album start this week, so stay tuned on our social networks because we're going to post some spoilers. Thanks to all the fans for their love and support. NERVOSAwill never die. ----------- Desde setembro de 2022 NERVOSA foi informada que Diva deixaria a banda, e desde então ela cumpriu com todas as atividades com muito profissionalismo e respeito. O motivo de sua saida deve-se por ela optar em investir mais o seu tempo em outros projetos e em sua banda. Desde sua decisão entramos num acordo de cumprir com a tour da America Latina e anunciar sua saida mais adiante para que pudessemos planejar tudo com calma e tempo. Nós compreendemos e apoiamos sua decisão.

Não é fácil para nenhuma das partes, mas a vida é feita de escolhas e decisões. Não julguem tão duramente, porque é um momento muito doloroso para ambas as partes. Todo o nosso respeito a Diva, obrigada por toda a sua dedicação e contribuição. Desejamos boa sorte em sua nova caminhada.

NERVOSA já vem trabalhando com uma vocalista nos ultimos 2 meses, e também já esta trabalhando com uma nova baterista. As gravações do novo disco começam essa semana, então fiquem ligados nas nossas redes sociais por que vamos postar alguns spoilers. Obrigada a todos os fãs pelo carinho e apoio. NERVOSA will never die.

Diva comments: "It's always difficult to make this kind of posts but also needed, so here we go:

I'm not part of NERVOSA anymore since last month of November, therefore I'm not involved in the writing or recording process of the upcoming album and obviously, I'm not responsible for any decision that the band has made during the past months.

The only reason that have led me to this situation has been the lack of agreement between both parts in relation to the decision-making process in the band. Nothing else, no hard feelings against anyone, just different mindsets."

This chapter is closed but I'd like to thank everyone that has supported me during this adventure and also Napalm Records for trusting all of the new band members who helped to row in the same direction. I'm very honored to be part of the legacy of this band that have inspired and empowered many women around the world."

Last but not least, and just to make it very clear, this decicion has nothing to do with my passion for music and touring (can't wait to be back on the road again!), and my commitment with my band BLOODHUNTER (and all the other projects and collaborations that I'm involved in), who have shown me unconditional support during these years that I have been part of NERVOSA, and with whom we are already working on a new album and tour plans for 2023."

Thanks to all the fans of the band for their support and love, we'll see each other soon!"

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