DEICIDE To Play 'Legion' In It's Entirety In 2022

The death metal legends Deicide are set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 2nd album 'Legion' in 2022. The band is set to play the album in it's entirety along with other songs from their catalogue.

'Legion' is said to be one of Deicide's most technical & difficult to play albums as it is full of intricate chord structures and riffing. The band considers this album to be the most chaotic and the most difficult to perfom live. When the Hoffman brothers" — guitarists Eric and Brian — "quit the band, Eric stated that one of the main reasons was Benton refusing to play longer sets and being unable to perform the technical bass guitar riffing required for 'Legion''s material."

In a 2004 interview, Benton stated about the LP: "I think 'Legion' was ahead of its time. It was just too fast for everybody at the time. I think it just caught everybody off guard. They thought we were gonna put out a la-di-da album, and here comes this fuckin piece of music, fuckin style of music that's fuckin' over the top. Everybody fuckin hated it, all the magazines hated it; now it's years later and everybody loves it."

"I made a comment saying that 'Legion' sucked," Glen said in another interview. "Now everybody thinks I hated it. That's not true. I didn't hate the record. I just said that to the band, because that's how I wanted to get my point across at the time. As far as that record goes, the only things I did not like was that we were being rushed by the record company, and the production was not totally satisfying. Because we were being rushed, we weren't able to be selective with amplifiers and instruments, so when you compare 'Once Upon The Cross' to 'Legion', there is an obvious difference.

"The problem with 'Legion' was that we just went into the studio and played, then tried to fix things," he said. "Of course, the more you do that, the more it takes away from the sound."

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