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Former SLAYER and current SUICIDAL TENDENCIES drummer Dave Lombardo has been using the coronavirus downtime to work on his new project SATANIC PLANET, which also features his DEAD CROSS bandmate Justin Pearson and producer Luke Henshaw.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Lombardo said: "It's odd — at a time where I thought, Well, that's it; no more touring, and I was just going to work in my studio, get it all finished setting it up, all the mics and everything, 'cause I just moved into this house … I was asked to work on a more industrial project rather than an acoustic drum project. So I've been working with that. And I'm just focused on being creative. I personally like isolation to a certain extent, so it's not surprising to me what it feels like to actually be in a type of a quarantine."

He added: "It is a little unnerving knowing that you can go out there and go to the store and possibly catch something that you can't get rid of, but so far everything's been pretty cool, and the numbers in my county are pretty low. Staying positive, you know?"

Adding to the SATANIC PLANET project: "Some of the vocals are done by the head of the Satanic Temple. This is through his affiliation withJustin, so they decided to create an album that's kind of influenced byAnton LaVey's early album that he recorded of one of his Black Masses. So we took influence from that. What was supposed to be one song ended up being the whole record. They liked what I did and so I've been tackling that nightly. I usually start around midnight and go till around three in the morning. [Laughs] But yeah, it's kind of cool; it's fun. Like I said, it's been keeping me busy. And other little odd-and-end jobs that I've been doing."

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