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Chris Cannella Parts Ways With DEICIDE

Guitarist Chris Cannella has amicably left the legendary death metal godfathers DEICIDE. Cannella served the band since 2019 replacing Mark English to fill the guitar position and eventually touring with the band.

Cannella posted via social media: Yes it is true. I am no longer in DEICIDE There is no drama and we all kept it quiet as to not lead into drama or speculation. I have all the love and respect for Glen Steve and Kevin. I had so many great times over the last 3 years I cherish for a lifetime especially the friendship. Cheers to all and thanks for all the love and support. I’m excited for what’s to come for all. #newmusic#deanguitars

Benton stated: "We are pleased to announce and welcome Taylor Nordberg to the DEICIDE family! An amazing and accomplished guitarist who takes our sound to the next level and brings a profound level of professionalism that completes and compliments the DEICIDE machine!"

DEICIDE are set to tour this April 2022 in celebration of their legendary album 'Legion's 30th anniversary. The death metal quartet are set to release a new album soon as they have been putting new song ideas together.

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