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Chester Bennington's ex- wife to receive 50% of Linkin Park's royalties

According to TMZ, Chester Bennington's ex-wife will receive 50 percent of his Linkin Parkroyalties.

Two years ago, Samantha Olit, who was married to the LINKIN PARK singer from 1996 until 2005, filed a claim with the Bennington estate demanding the royalties as well as child support. The child support portion was withdrawn back in June.

The executor filed legal docs with the probate court, stating that he would allow Samantha's royalties claim, which includes a share of the non-touring merch, publishing rights and a share of the master sound records.

Samantha and Chester's son, Draven, was born on April 19, 2002.

Chester married Talinda Bennington shortly after his divorce from Samantha, and had three children with her.

It was revealed in October 2017 that Chester left his entire estate to his widow and his six children.

The Linkin Park singer, who tragically took his own life in July 2017, left his retirement account to Talinda Bennington and divided the remaining assets among his six kids through the Chester And Talinda Bennington Family Trust. The trust was created in 2007 and amended in 2009, according to the will documents obtained by TMZ.

TMZ previously reported that Chester requested his children to visit each other after his death, even dedicating a fund for them to use for trips.

Samantha reportedly made a public post on Facebook in August 2017, claiming that she and Draven were not allowed to speak at Chester's funeral, that the service itself resembled a radio festival and that there had been a "lack of respect and honesty" on the part of Talinda. Samantha also claimed that Chester's parents were not at the funeral and not mentioned in the program, which she said looked like a "cheap happy-hour menu."

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