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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Releases 'None More Black' Box Set

Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society has released the 'None More Black' box set. It contains all 12 original records remastered and on color vinyl. The "None More Black" box set also comes with a hardcover 32-page photo book, chronicling the band's career.

All original studio albums:

* "Sonic Brew"" - black/white marble x2 LP * "Stronger Than Death" - black/apple marble x2 LP * "1919 Eternal" - black/brown marble x2 LP * "The Blessed Hellride" - black/silver marble LP * "Hangover Music Vol. VI" - black/canary marble x2LP

* "Mafia" - black/neon coral marble x2LP

* "Shot To Hell" - black/tangerine marble LP

* "Order Of The Black" - black/grey marble LP

* "Catacombs Of The Black Vatican" - black/tan marble LP

* "Grimmest Hits" - black/olive marble LP

Two bonus albums

* "The Song Remains Not The Same II" - grey LP * "Nuns and Roaches: Tasty Little Bastards" - black/magenta LP

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