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last line up

Vinnie Paul
Dimebag Darrell
Rex Brown
Phillip Anselmo


Metal Magic
Projects in the Jungle
I Am the Night
The Hot 'n Heavy Home Vid
Power Metal
Cowboys From Hell
Cowboys From Hell

drums, percussion   (1981-2003)

guitars, background vocals   (1981-2003) R.I.P. 2004

bass, background vocals   (1982-2003)

lead vocals   (1986-2003)

Full- Length   (1983)

Full- Length   (1984)

Full- Length   (1985)

Video   (1985)

Full- Length   (1988)

Full- Length   (1990)

Video  (1991)

Mouth For War

single   (1992)

Vulgar Display of Power

Full- Length   (1992)

For Those About to Rock - Monsters in Moscow

split video   (1992)


single   (1993)

Vulgar Video

Video   (1993)

Vulgar Display of Cowboys

Compilation   (1993)

5 Minutes Alone

single   (1994)

Planet Caravan

single   (1994)

Shedding Skin

single   (1994)

Hostile Moments 12"

EP   (1994)

Driven Downunder

Box Set   (1994)

I'm Broken/Slaughtered

single   (1994)

Far Beyond Driven

Full- Length   (1994)

Alive and Hostile EP

EP   (1994)

The Great Southern Trendkill

Full- Length   (1996)

The Singles 1991-1996

Box Set   (1996)


EP   (1996)

Cemetery Gates (Demon Knight Edit)

split   (1996)

3 - Watch It Go

Video   (1997)

Official Live: 101 Proof

Live Album   (1997)

3 Vulgar Videos From Hell

Video   (1999)

3 For One

Box Set   (1999)

Reinventing the Steel

Full- Length   (2000)

Extreme Steel Plus

EP   (2001)

Revolution Is My Name

single   (2001)

The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits!

Compilation   (2003)

Reinventing Hell

Compilation   (2003)


EP   (2006)

Vulgar Display of Power/Far Beyond Driven

Compilation   (2008)

1990-2000: A Decade of Domination

Compilation   (2010)

Cowboys From Hell: The Demos

Compilation   (2010)

Original Album Series
The Triple Album Collection
The Badge
History of Hostility
The Complete Studio Albums

Box Set   (2011)

single   (2012)

Box Set   (2012)

split   (2014)

Compilation   (2015)

Box Set   (2015)

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