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current members

Glen Benton
Steve Asheim
Kevin Quirion

vocals, bass   (1989- present)

drums   (1989- present)

guitar   (2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2011- present)

former members

Chris Cannella

guitar   (2019- present)

Mark English

guitar   (2016- 2019)

Eric Hoffman
Brian Hoffman
Jack Owen
Ralph Santolla

guitar   (1987-2004)


guitar   (1987-2004)

guitar   (2004-2016)

guitar   (2005-2007, 2008-2009, 2010-2011) died 2018



Full- Length   (1990)


Full- Length   (1992)

Amon: Feasting the Beast

Compilation   (1993)

Once Upon the Cross

Full- Length   (1995)

Serpents of the Light

Full- Length   (1997)

When Satan Lives

Live Album   (1998)


Full- Length   (2000)

In Torment in Hell

Full- Length   (2001)

The Best of Deicide

Compilation   (2003)

Scars of the Crucifix

Full- Length   (2004)

Maximum Metal

Split   (2006)

When London Burns

Video   (2006)

The Stench of Redemption 666 EP

EP   (2006)

The Stench of Redemption

Full- Length   (2006)

Doomsday L.A.

Live Album   (2006)

Doomsday L.A.

Video   (2007)

Til Death Do Us Part

Full- Length   (2008)

Death Metal Live

Split Video   (2009)

When London Burns
Deicide (Live in Nottingham)

Live Album   (2010)

Live Album   (2010)

To Hell With God

Full- Length   (2011)

The Complete Roadrunner Collection (1990-2001)

Box Set   (2013)

In the Minds of Evil
The Best of Deicide
Overtures of Blasphemy
Defying the Sacred

Full- Length   (2013)

Compilation   (2016)

Full- Length   (2018)

single   (2018)

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